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Bewezen productiviteitsstijgingen met 5% a 16%

Een hoge productiviteit kan verrassend uit de hoek komen, ook daar waar u het niet altijd verwacht.

“Executives who work out regularly are actually better decision makers”

Dr Gavriel Salvendy (of Purdue university) tested decision-making capabilities of 80 people over a 9-month period of time.

“The ability to make complex decisions had increased 70% over that of non-exercisers”
Robert J.Brosmer; Deborah L.Waldron - Health and High Performance 

“Swedish investigators found that mental performance was significantly better in physically fit workers than in non-fit workers. Fit workers committed 27% fewer errors on tasks involving concentration and short-term memory, as compared with the performance of non-fit workers”
Sjoberg Hans  “Physical Fitness and Mental Performance during and After Work” – Ergonomics

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